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The key to recruiting at Northern Kentucky University is registering with HireNKU and posting a position (free). HireNKU is a centralized online recruiting database for accessing students and alumni of all majors. Posting your position allows:

  • Career Services staff to market your opportunity to a qualified demographic.
  • Perusal of resumes of pre-qualified potential applicants.
  • Emailing of students as a group and scheduling for interviews.
  • Students to view your position(s).
  • Faculty to locate your position for classroom announcements.

NKU Majors

Tips for Posting Positions and Searching Resumes:

  • Name your position carefully – this is what will entice students to click on your opening. If it’s a co-op or internship, state this in the title (such as Marketing Co-op).
  • We do not post part-time positions in HireNKU; however, if this part-time position requires professional skills or knowledge (such as Accounting), choose the ‘Internship/Co-op’ option.
  • Choose your majors:
    • Students can opt to not view positions that have chosen ‘All Majors’.

    • Students search by major. The more majors you choose, the more students will see your position. Liberal arts and humanities majors should not to be overlooked when targeting a student demographic.
  • Most users choose ‘Junior’ and ‘Senior’ classifications, however, Sophomores may be a good fit for very entry-level positions to grow into higher-level skill sets.
  • Degrees are often a forgotten category; NKU does have Associate and graduate degrees.
  • ‘Screening Option’ is what limits the type of demographic that can see your position – use this for positions requiring a GPA minimum or a specific major such as Computer Science (software development).
  • The best way to search resumes is by ‘Major’.
  • All positions and contact requests are reviewed by the Career Services staff.

To post a co-op/internship or full-time position:

Do you have positions that require a bachelor's degree and/or relate directly to an NKU major (full- or part-time)? For a list of NKU majors, click here: NKU Majors.

  1. Log in to HireNKU. Follow the instructions at the top of the page.
    • If you have ever posted a position with us, your account is likely linked to your organization email address.
    • If you have never posted with NKU, select "Click here to Register!" under the login boxes to create an account.  When searching for your organization, try different spellings of your organization to locate it – U.S. or United States.
  2. Once logged in, locate "New Job" in the proper drop down menu.
  3. The required fields are indicated with a red *.
    • You may provide specific application instructions or chose to receive resumes though the system.
    • For co-op and internship positions, the ‘Work Schedule’, ‘Hours per Week’, and employment start and end dates allow the students to decide if it will fit into their schedule.
    • Read the red instructions on the database page for further details.

To post part- or full-time, non-degree required positions:

Do you have positions that offer part-time, flexible hours or shift work, or the opportunity for students to gain or practice general skills, but do not require a college degree? You are welcome to post positions on our Electronic Job Board.

Email a one-page Word or PDF job flyer to us at Flyers should include the following:

  • Organization name and logo
  • Position title
  • Brief description
  • Shift hours or days if applicable
  • Number of hours per week if applicable
  • If the position is commission-based
  • Where and how students should apply
  • Expiration date or application deadline

Postings will be added in the order received and usually appear online within three business days of submission. Job flyers will also be printed and included in a part-time jobs binder located in our office. Postings are removed after 30 days, or sooner if a specific date associated with the posting has passed.

We look forward to sharing your opportunities with our students!


For questions, contact us at or (859) 572-5680.

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