Interviewing on Campus

The best way to recruit new talent is by On-Campus Interviewing. Conducting interviews on campus:

  • Gives your organization and position(s) visibility.
  • Establishes credibility with the students and faculty.
  • Saves time by allowing you to interview a large group of pre-qualified candidates.
  • Maximizes resources by allowing you to have more than one interviewer.
  • Allows for the most effective use of Career Services as a partner.

Tips for Requesting Interviews:

  • Request interviews 4-6 weeks in advance to allow us time to market your opportunity.
  • Pay special attention to how you post your job. This determines which student demographic can view your opportunity and apply.
  • Request more than one preferred date to ensure availability.
  • Conduct on-campus interviewing during the fall or spring – October/November and February/March are the best months. Contact us if this timeframe does not align with your recruiting cycle.
  • On-campus interviews can be used for both co-op and full-time positions.

To Request an On-Campus Interview:

  1. Log into HireNKU and request a new interview using the drop down box under "My Interview Schedules."
  2. Request your preferences:
    • Open Schedule:
      • Applicants meeting the qualifications of the position (set by the parameters chosen when you post the position on the system) may sign up for an interview timeslot.
      • Timeslots are on a first-come, first-served basis.
      • Sign up deadline is set 2 days prior to the interview day to allow you time to receive and review resumes.
    • Preselect Schedule:
      • Applicants apply for the position and are reviewed by you first.
      • You submit your picks through the system.
      • Applicants are given access to the schedule to sign up for a timeslot.
      • You are able to monitor all activity.
      • Application and interview sign up deadlines are flexible.

        * Use the ‘Interview Session Preference’ for how long you would like each interview to last. If you do not see your preferred timeframe, let us know your needs in the Information Box. We will include breaks for you.
    • Room Only Schedule:
      • Set your own schedule and reserve a room(s) for interviews.
  3. Assign a position to your interview:
    • Choose ‘Copy’ to add an existing position.
    • Choose ‘Add New Job’ to add a new position.


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